IT Support From Verus Solutions

Business IT Support Services & Consultancy

Verus Solutions specialise in providing IT support, security and connectivity services to the business sector. 
We combine many elements together to provide an efficient, safe and secure IT environment for your business.

Our Services

We are specialists in a broad selection of disciplines, providing IT support, project management and consultancy across the IT spectrum.

Whether you require help with PC’s and servers, virtualisation, telecommunications and connectivity, cabling or next-generation services such as IPv6, we are happy to help.

We pride ourselves as being “vendor agnostic”. Rather than choose suppliers who give the best margins, we will find the right product for your business needs.

In order to provide the best value and support though, we have partnered with a few carefully selected vendors where we feel there is a benefit to you, the customer.

Remote Support

Our team may ask you to click on one of the following links to enable us to provide remote support: